Beat the Microbead


  1. Refuse to buy personal care products containing polyethylene or polypropylene microbeads.
  2. Share the 5 Gyres National petition to ban the sale of products containing polluting plastic microbeads.
  3. Share the 5 Gyres Ban The Bead infographic in social media. Or download and print the poster and display it in a public place.
    (Coming soon)
  4. Instagram products containing microbeads in stores, tag @5gyres and use the hashtag #banthebead
  5. Send any partially used products containing microbeads to 5 Gyres HQ. Products will will be utilized in The 5 Gyres / Chris Jordan Arts Outreach Piece.
    5 Gyres HQ:
    3131 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90404

(and out of our waterways)

Take action now to help keep plastic microbeads out of our personal care products (facial scrubs and even toothpaste), and from polluting our waters.

Please sign the 5 Gyres Institute national Ban The Bead petition to require that The Environmental Protection Agency (@EPA) and Transportation and Infrastructure Committee (@Transport) prohibit companies from using plastic microbeads in personal care products.

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Please Share the Petition:
“I signed @5gyres petition 2 tell @EPA @Transport 2 @BanTheBead for a national ban on products w plastic microbeads. ”