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Marina Debris aka Garbage Girl rocks trash couture in Japan

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We heart Marina Debris, an LA artist/designer who is making a name for herself around the world with her trashion. Marina crafts elaborate pieces entirely from trash she finds on beaches, streets, and rivers around Los Angeles. We’€™ve joined Marina in a few fashion shows, donning her outfits and strutting our trashy selves, always a unique opportunity to bring our message about plastic pollution to new audiences through art and fashion. We recently teamed up with Marina for 2 shows in Japan ‘€“ at Surfrider’€™s Greenroom festival, and at the Harajuku, Japan’€™s fashion capital in the streets of Tokyo. Below are some images, and Marina’€™s report from the scene!
Bringing trash art to Japan was a tremendous success – both events were met with massive interest! At the Greenroom festival, people were there to attend a “surf culture” event. We were stopped every few seconds for photographs and had a few “hanger ons”. The guy with the ship on his head followed us for an hour or so and got in every picture with us. The models handed out the 5 Gyres “What Can I Do Cards” and people seemed genuinely concerned when they were told what the outfits were made of. I was also given the nickname “Gomi Gal” which translates to “Garbage Girl”! The following Sat I took the outfits to Harajuku by train with the help of Captain Charles Moore, Paul Sharp, Michelle & Laura Iten. Both events required waiting for and changing in “family bathrooms”, taking the outfits in & out of huge suitcases and fighting massive lines and crowds of people. At Harajuku we had just as much attention and again, when the models told people what the outfits were made of, they were shocked.

I must say, this trip to Japan really cemented my mission to raise awareness about the issue through my art. Thank you for asking me to join you, I feel like I am part of the crew!You are part of the crew Marina! We can’t wait to work with you again!!

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