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Victory #1 The Body Shop To Phase Out Plastic Micro-Beads By 2015. Woot!

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(Microbeads Fro On Abe Lincoln)

Last week, we heard about some misinformation being spread by some social media managers for The Body Shop. There was a claim that they were required by some mysterious international policy on safety to use micro-beads in their products over natural alternatives. Upon investigation, it became clear that such a policy doesn’t exist.  5 Gyres contacted The Body Shop but didn’t receive a response. We then published an ‘Open Letter’ and much to our delight, The Body Shop’s Jennifer Barckley, Director of Brand Communications and Values gave me a call today. My original email went to her spam folder and thus, she hadn’t heard about our campaign and the issues with Body Shop’s communications. To make a long story short, Jennifer gave me a call today and said, “As part of our commitment to help save the planet, we’ll be phasing out micro-beads from all of our products by 2015.”  Well, Jennifer, that’s great news for the planet and the inhabitants hereof! We applaud you!

I’m always inspired by the voice of our community and the power of activism. For a small organization, 5 Gyres is making a big difference.

Next up we’re going after Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.  Stay tuned for updates on our website and a full court press coming soon.  Constant pressure endlessly applied equals victory for our oceans. We’re on the case and we’ll be making sure that The Body Shop sticks to their commitment.



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  1. Susan says:

    That is good news! Way to go Stiv and 5 Gyres! I’ve always thought the Body Shop were trying to do the right thing…I think this is also about *educating* the producers!

    Great work!


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