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And The Winner Of The Viking Gyre Video Crew Search Contest Is…

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After a grueling competition, 5 Gyres and sponsors announce a winner to our first ever, Viking Gyre Crew Search Contest.  The winner, Sergio Izquierdo Bloeman, hails from Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Sergio mounted a tremendous effort in organizing his community to turn out the votes for him.  We are thrilled to have Sergio, a conservationist and wildlife photographer, and President of The National Association of Marine Biology in Guatemala, onboard for the expedition.  Check out his video entry here.

Sergio will serve as an official 5 Gyres Ambassador on our voyage and will be sharing his experience throughout the voyage in June with the 5 Gyres Community and beyond.  As a Guatemalan citizen, we’ll have Sergio sharing his experience for a spanish language audience as well. Congratulations Sergio!

5 Gyres staff and sponsors have been tremendously pleased by all the incredible entries throughout the contest and are inspired by the people all over the planet working to make difference.  Unfortunately, there can only be one winner. We plan to reach out to all of our entries to figure out how best to work together for our shared mission of ebbing the flow of plastics into our environment.  For the record, we would have loved to have any one of you aboard! Thanks for participating and being part of the movement to curb the tide of plastics in our shared waters.

Big thanks to Klean Kanteen, Packaging 2.0, Osprey Packs, Rainbow Light, Zeal Optics, Indosole, Ocean Care, Manduka, and PLUSfoam for making Sergio’s dream possible!

Now it’s back to the fight!

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4 Responses

  1. Rocio says:

    Congratulations to this organization for leading this amaizing cause and such a fair and justified competition, I think people really appreciate you guys trying to make the world a better place.

  2. Christian Mainieri says:

    Felicitaciones Sergio… bendiciones.

  3. Lucia Gutierrez says:

    As a founder of the Marine Biology Association of Guatemala and an environmentalist, I am extremely proud to have Sergio Izquierdo represent us in your expedition. 5 gyres will be impressed by the quality of his work and the way he can translate what he sees through his camera lens. He’s one amazing photographer and will be one amazing addition to your team. Congratulations, Sergio!

  4. Mauricio Sieckavizza says:

    Felicitaciones Sergio…lets work to clean the oceans!!!

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