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The latest on plastic pollution

(Blog 2 of 5) 5 Gyres in India: Lessons from the Waste Pickers

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Minar Mask

We’re adding another concept to our traveling exhibit “Plastisphere”.  The concept is quite simple. RECOVERY MATTERS MORE THAN RECYCLING. The people that pick up plastic as their livelihood, the ones we call “Waste Pickers”, are the experts to tell us which products pass or fail the recovery test. Those that fail must either be redesigned [...]

(Blog 1 of 5) 5 Gyres in India: THE GOAT

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“I’d like to dissect a dead cow,” I asked. “You can’t dissect a cow in India.  It’s illegal,” she said. “But I’ve seen hundreds of cows living on landfills, don’t the die?” I replied. “You’re an American coming to India, and you want to point out that our holy animal is eating plastic bags?” she [...]

Creating Solutions To Plastic Pollution at Texas State University

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Guest Post by: Maddie Morgan (M.S in Sustainability), Rory Foster (M.A. in Sustainability), and Samuel Long (B.S. Economics)   As concerned students with a shared passion for the environment, we have teamed up with 5 Gyres Institute to identify major plastic pollution sources within the San Marcos community and to understand how we might be able [...]

Viking Gyre Video Crew Search Contest Is Live!!

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  ENTER HERE!!    The 5 Gyres Institute And Sponsors Announce: The Viking Gyre Video Crew Search Contest To Join A Plastic Pollution Research Expedition To The North Atlantic Gyre Summer 2014 SANTA MONICA, CA.  Have you ever wanted to join an expedition to see firsthand a so-called ‘Plastic Ocean Garbage Patch’?  The 5 Gyres [...]

Students Collect Microplastic Data for 5 Gyres’ Plastic Beach Project

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Marin Academy students catching on quickly on how to sieve for microplastics Recently, we’ve had an incredible amount of interest around The Plastic Beach Project, our citizen science program focusing on microplastic (1mm to 2.5cm) research on California beaches. Last week, 5 Gyres staff met two groups of high school students from Marin Academy High School participating [...]

Archer students take on Starbucks lids – a start!

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  A few months ago, one of our wonderful volunteers Jessica Encell gave a presentation at the Archer School for Girls, and clearly made an impression! Following her talk, a group of Archer students chose plastics as their class project for Environmental Science, focusing on Polystyrene lids from Starbucks coffee cups – and learned some [...]

5 Gyres Partners With Tulane Law School To Create Dedicated Law Journal For Plastic Pollution

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(Guest Post By Lisa Kaas Boyle, 5 Gyres Board Member and Legal Advisor) You could call it a match made in petrochemical heaven. 5 Gyres Institute, the nation’s leading science and policy based institute dedicated to eradicating plastic pollution has paired with Tulane Law School, home to one of the nation’s strongest environmental law programs, [...]