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The latest on plastic pollution

Blog 4 of 5 for 5G “FLIP FLOP BEACH”

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We’ve made landfall and quickly head to the beach, Greta Beach on Christmas Island.  I’ve been to many islands around the world and explored their windward side to see what’s washed ashore.  Here, my jaw drops. I’m appalled.  I’ve only seen this much trash on Kamillo Beach, Hawaii, also called junk beach.  Of all the […]

Blog 3 of 5 for 5G at sea “Weird Plastic in Every Trawl”

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Each sample of the ocean surface is a spectacle in bad packaging. The Indonesian near shore trash in the trawl displays Asian products, a similar correlation I see around the world. I’d call the N. Atlantic the bottle cap gyre and the N. Pacific the fishing net gyre, each having its own distinguishing character. Sample […]

Field Report from Austin: Don’t Pollute the Planet Just to Clean Your Face!

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Last Sunday morning, a heavy mist hovered over Lake Travis in Austin, Texas, as hundreds of volunteers donned their sneakers or SCUBA gear to help clean up the lake. A beloved and successful clean-up effort, the Lake Travis Underwater and Shoreline Cleanup celebrated its 20th annual event with a celebration at the Oasis Cafe overlooking […]

Blog 2 of 5 for 5G at sea “Getting trawls ready”

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Avani Trawls

We leave today!  We should be in Christmas Island in 4-5 days . We’ve brought our hi-speed trawl, two of them, also called the AVANI trawl (All-purpose Velocity Accelerated Net Instrument).  This trawl is an improvement on the traditional manta trawl, which operates at 2-3 knots and only for an hour or less.  The AVANI […]

BLOG 1 of 5 for 5G at SEA “Bali’s Bag”

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Bali Sachet

This is the first of 5 blogs I’ll write about our current expedition in the Indian Ocean.  We’re now preparing to sail from Bali to Christmas Island, Australia, with plenty of provisioning to do and of course time to see the lay of the land.  Because we’re studying plastic, our ears and eyes are always on […]

CA microbeads bill killed by Industry. We need your help to win!

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As many of you know by now, our bill to ban plastic microbeads in personal care products in California was quietly killed two weeks ago. The bill would have protected our shared waters from this insidious form of plastic pollution, but lost by a single vote on the Senate floor. WHY did this happen, and […]

What’s a Summer Internship Like with 5 Gyres? Ask Lauren!

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“Hello there, My name is Lauren Mae Henry, I am a senior at UNC Wilmington studying marine biology- conservation. I am the president of the college Surfrider chapter, and this summer I am interning for a non-profit called 5 Gyres…” This is how each of my emails began as I contacted clubs, aquariums, camps, schools, […]

From the Science Desk

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Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 8.41.52 AM

We checked in with Dr. Marcus Eriksen, the Research Director of 5 Gyres, as he was returning from installing the 5 Gyres exhibit “Our Plastic Waters: From The Great Lakes to The Atlantic Ocean,” in Buffalo, NY.  Q – Tell us about the “Plastic Waters: From the Great Lakes to the Oceans” exhibit you just installed?  […]

The Viking Gyre Expedition: Perspectives

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Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 8.43.55 AM

We caught up with two crew members from 5 Gyres’ Viking Gyre Expedition, Genevieve Abedon and Brett Edwards, AKA the environmental rapper Mr. Eco, post-voyage to hear their sea stories… Q – What was it like to prepare for the Expedition? Genevieve (G) – It was a lot of work, time, money and energy. I […]