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The latest on plastic pollution

Can technology rid our oceans of plastic? Join the debate

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Solutions work when they’re laser-focus on the tried and true methods that bring about lasting change. Is a technofix to clean the ocean gyres one of them? This Friday, July 18th at 9:00 am Pacific, join Dr. Marcus Eriksen (5 Gyres) Nick Mallos (Ocean Conservancy) and Boyan Slat (The Ocean Cleanup) for a lively, interactive [...]

A Thank You to World Centric!

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The 5 Gyres Institute recently completed a three week research voyage, from Bermuda to Iceland, to study plastic pollution in The North Atlantic Gyre. Over 30 marine samples were collected and will be analyzed in the lab during the next few months. The initial findings are stark and shocking, as every single surface sample collected [...]

Thanks to Adventure Aquarium for Trawl Sponsorship

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The 5 Gyres crew first partnered with Adventure Aquarium staff in 2012 during the 5 Gyres Last Straw Bike Tour, a 1400-mile bicycle tour on the East Coast that focused on educating a new community on plastic pollution.  Dave Littlehale from the Adventure Aquarium welcomed us at the time by arranging a beach cleanup on [...]


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE 5 GYRES INSTITUTE ARRIVES IN ICELAND AFTER NORTH ATLANTIC RESEARCH VOYAGE – PLASTIC POLLUTION IN EVERY OCEAN SAMPLE Reykjavik, Iceland: The 5 Gyres Institute arrived at Brokey Marina in Reykjavik the morning of Saturday, June 28th after completing a three week plastic pollution research voyage from Bermuda across the North Atlantic and [...]

Grey Skies and Dancing

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by Carolynn Box (aka Boxy) June 18, 2014 For the past five days, Sea Dragon has been moving slowly through a dense cloud of fog, with visibility limited to less than a mile or two. We are a few hundred miles off of Newfoundland, moving over the Grand Banks in a steady northeast direction. We [...]

Plastic In Every Trawl

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By Marcus Eriksen 6-21-14 A river of green phosphorescence trails the ship as we plow NE toward Iceland into colder and colder foggy waters. Midnight watch is something straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean, with mist so thick that you barely see the navigation lights on the bow, the moon glows behind clouds, and [...]

All About Togetherness

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( This is a guest blog by our Viking Gyre crew member Tiffany Paige who runs the blog Green With Tiffany.  For those of you following this blog closely, this was written on day three when we still had sun and warmth ) We are out to sea. I have to say the day goes [...]

In A Post Apocalyptic Fog

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Written by Stiv Wilson We’re running two days now in the famous pea soup fog known in The Grand Banks, an area of shallow water off The Grand Banks know for good fishing and FOG. We’ve developed a new classification for visibility other than the typical nautical terms– shite, shite 2, shite 3, and quadruple [...]