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The latest on plastic pollution

BAN THE BEAD! Plastic Microbead Campaign Update

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5 Gyres’ Campaign to Ban Plastic Microbeads from personal care products, like face scrub and toothpaste, is driving change nationally. Microbeads are tiny, toxic, plastic beads that are washing down the drains and into our precious waterways. What’s the scale of the microbead problem? According to the State Attorney General’s Office, New York flushes 19 TONS of […]

Join us at the Jack Johnson concert in L.A.!

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JJ Album Cover

Here are two ways you can support 5 Gyres AND go to Jack Johnson’s sold out concert at the Greek Theatre on 8/27 and 8/28. (1) Donate by 8/22 and be entered to win! We will be selecting one donor who has contributed $50 or more to 5 Gyres, from 8/1 through 8/22, to bring […]

What’s a Summer Internship Like with 5 Gyres? Ask Lauren!

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“Hello there, My name is Lauren Mae Henry, I am a senior at UNC Wilmington studying marine biology- conservation. I am the president of the college Surfrider chapter, and this summer I am interning for a non-profit called 5 Gyres…” This is how each of my emails began as I contacted clubs, aquariums, camps, schools, […]

From the Science Desk

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We checked in with Dr. Marcus Eriksen, the Research Director of 5 Gyres, as he was returning from installing the 5 Gyres exhibit “Our Plastic Waters: From The Great Lakes to The Atlantic Ocean,” in Buffalo, NY.  Q – Tell us about the “Plastic Waters: From the Great Lakes to the Oceans” exhibit you just installed?  […]

The Viking Gyre Expedition: Perspectives

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We caught up with two crew members from 5 Gyres’ Viking Gyre Expedition, Genevieve Abedon and Brett Edwards, AKA the environmental rapper Mr. Eco, post-voyage to hear their sea stories… Q – What was it like to prepare for the Expedition? Genevieve (G) – It was a lot of work, time, money and energy. I […]

Drunken Mouse eats Plastic

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So I’m driving through Wyoming to my annual fossil dig site, down hot dusty county roads, past herds of bison and marble-size hail, and discover the plastic corks in my wine are popping out due to the heat.   My first night camping I hear chewing next to me in the back of my van, turn […]

Share this PSA and help us Beat the Bead – final countdown in CA!

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Were in the final countdown in California to ban plastic microbeads from commerce – keeping them out of our precious waterways, and creating a ripple effect throughout the country! Introduced by Assembly Member Richard Bloom and sponsored by 5 Gyres, AB 1699 passed the California Assembly 47 to 13 in May, and has since passed […]

Exchange Your Plastic Microbead Products This Weekend at Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JULY 30, 2014 EXCHANGE PLASTIC MICROBEAD PRODUCTS FOR ACURE ORGANICS AT THE 5 GYRES INSTITUTE BOOTH DURING OUTSIDE LANDS MUSIC FESTIVAL Nonprofit supports its global campaign to Ban the Bead at EcoLands from August 8-10, 2014 SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF – – The 5 Gyres Institute is asking attendees of the 2014 Outside […]

DDT in the pellets under your feet

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pellets on Whiskey Island

Millions of industrial plastic pellets pollute the sands beneath our feet, but you can’t see them unless you look closely, and no beach cleanup will ever make it better. “We picked up all the bags and bottles already,” said one young volunteer here to pick up trash on Whiskey Island, along the shore of Lake […]