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The latest on plastic pollution

Guest Blog: Green With Tiffany unveils hidden plastics in her bathroom!?

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When we first met “Green with Tiffany” at SXSW Eco, we knew she was someone we had to work with! She jumped in feet first, joining our chilliest expedition yet from Bermuda to Iceland last summer, standing watch for Icebergs and always keeping her sense of humor with her. Tiffany shares her experience here learning […]

What we’ve learned after 50K miles and 270K plastic tons: values and design matter

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(Photo: Mandy Barker, Soup) For the past 5 years, our team at 5 Gyres has immersed ourselves pretty deeply in plastic garbage. We have sailed across remote areas of the world studying the issue, through hurricanes and cyclones (cue violins), inviting intrepid scientists, artists, innovators, and citizens to join us. We have spoken with policymakers, […]

5 Gyres goes to Antarctica! (1 in a 5 part series)

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Get rid of the idea that plastic forms patches, or that you can mine the ocean for trash.  The explosion of new research, with the last 2 years producing more research papers than the previous 40, tells us microplastics dominate our oceans like SMOG. The ocean gyres shred trash to smithereens, rather than hang onto […]

5.25 trillion pieces of plastic tell us something new

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The idea that there are “patches” of trash in the oceans is a myth created 15 years ago that should be abandoned in favor of “clouds” of microplastics that emanate out of the 5 subtropical gyres. Our recent publication in the journal Plos One, estimates 269,000 tons of plastic from 5.25 trillion particles, but more alarming […]

Get A ‘Less Plastic More Ocean’ T-shirt And Support Our Campaigns!

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As you probably heard, 5 Gyres published the first ever estimate of plastic in all oceans yesterday.  Well, it’s a lot.  270,000 metric tonnes and 5.25 Trillion particles. As a result, 5 Gyres is launching our ‘Less Plastic More Ocean’ campaign to educate the public on the findings of the study, what it means for […]

5 Gyres is interviewing for a Development Director

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5 Gyres is seeking an experienced Development Director. The Development Director is responsible for recommending and implementing a sustainable Development Plan for 5 Gyres.  5 Gyres Vision, Mission, Goals, Projects and Strategic Plan have been developed but will require a larger budget to execute with excellence.   The Development Plan should highlight what 5 Gyres needs […]

Tracking California Trash – an interview with 5 Gyres staff member Carolynn Box

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5 Gyres has been asked to participate in a large-scale project called Tracking California Trash, funded by California’s Water Resources Control Board. 5 Gyres’ staff member Carolynn Box is managing our participation in the program.  We interviewed CBox, as she is affectionately known, to find out more about the importance of this California initiative. 1. […]

Expedition to the Indian Ocean: Bali to Christmas Island

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5 Gyres was invited by SwissTV to participate in a September expedition to document plastics in the Indian Ocean from Bali to Christmas Island. Dr. Marcus Eriksen was the Chief Plastics Scientist as part of EXPEDITION PLASTIK, a mostly European crew of activists and sailors, looking to draw attention to the issue of plastic pollution […]