Our vision is to witness plastic pollution decline in the environment until it is no longer found in the world’s oceans.


Our mission is to engage people in design and policy solutions to end the global health crisis of plastic pollution.

Goals To Reach Mission

To understand the impact of plastic pollution we study the 5 subtropical gyres by sailing through them. We organize research expeditions, inviting scientists, journalists and other sailors to join the crew, work with us side by side to conduct the science, and return to their communities engaged to promote solutions.

To communicate about the global impact of plastic pollution, we share our findings through multimedia outlets and peer-reviewed publications. These include print and television media, websites and blogs, lectures and school outreach, and a traveling exhibition about plastic pollution to museums, science centers and aquariums.

To eliminate plastic pollution we employ strategies that work. We dvocate new materials, better designed products, fair legislation, and engage in consumer education. Post-consumer cleanup efforts focus on coastal and island debris removal and mitigation.